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VIth PTPR Conference, "Cooperation with Specialist Units", Krynica, 1st - 3rd October 2014


Personal data

Personal data is to be used only for registration of VIth PTPR Conference participants.

Logging data

Number of entry form and password submitted enable to log in to registration system. Once logged in you can check for example your payment status.

For PTPR Members

Data required is necessary to identify PTPR Members.

Invoice data

If you need an invoice, please choose „I request to have an invoice issued” box, and submit data. PTPR is not VAT (POLISH VAT TAX) payer.

Additional data

Should you have any further questions or remarks, please submit them via this form.

Entry fee payment deadlines (Today is: 16/10/2021 )

Deadline PTPR Members 1) Students 2) Other participants
Before 30.04.2014 r. 650,00 zł 650,00 zł 750,00 zł
Between 01.05.2014 r. and 20.08.2014 r. 750,00 zł 750,00 zł 850,00 zł
After 20.08.2014 r.
or at the Conference
1000,00 zł 1000,00 zł 1000,00 zł
Fee covers your accomodation at the hotel between October 1st and 3rd (2 nights) and breakfast/dinner according to Conference program. It is possible to book additional night stay for September 30th at the additional cost of 150 PLN.

1) PTPR Members with no membership payment delay for at least 2013 (10PLN per month)
2) Price for students. Proper ID needs to be presented upon beginning of the Conference.
* In case of cancellation of participation, a full refund of the amount paid for their participation possible only until 1 September 2014.

Registration form:

Personal Data

*Name and Family name
*Phone number
Occupation Nurse

Logging data

Confirm password

For PTPR Members

I am PTPR Member
PTPR ID number
I claim not to have any membership payment delay for at least year 2013 (10PLN per month)

Invoice data

I request to have an invoice issued
Name and Family name
Company name
NIP/Taxpayer’s Identification Number

Additional data/request of accomodation with (Name and Family name):

Additional data/accomodation
(Name and Family name):

*I hereby accept processing of my personal data for the sake of organization of VIth PTPR Conference (VI Konferencja Polskiego Towarzystwa Pielęgniarstwa Ratunkowego) in accordance with Polish Personal Data Protection Enactment - Uatawa z dnia 29.08.1997 r. o ochronie danych osobowych - Dz. U. Nr 133, poz. 883)

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