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VIth PTPR Conference, "Cooperation with Specialist Units", Krynica, 1st - 3rd October 2014


Hotel Czarny Potok Resort & SPA
ul. Czarny Potok 65
33-380 Krynica-Zdrój

Conference site can be reached by Szwagropol company bus line - destination Krynica Czarny Potok.
Buses depart from the Małopolski Dworzec Autobusowy station in Kraków (located just next to Kraków Main Station Dworzec Główny).


28th May 2014
Conference Program
Conference Program was updated.

17th May 2014
We are pleased to inform, that speeches presented at the Conference after a favorable review will be published in Journal of Public Health, Nursing and Medical RescueJournal of Public Health, Nursing and Medical Rescuecm

1st Feb 2014
Signing up available
We are pleased to inform, that signing up for the Conference is available. You can sign up online using the entry form available here

VIth Polish Society for Emergency Nursing (PTPR) Conference
is going to take place on October 1-3rd, 2014.
This year’s main theme is

Cooperation with specialist units

This year’s theme is as vast as is the increasing variety of units we come to cooperate with.

Nature’s most important chain – the DNA – would never exist without the harmony of its most elementary links. In the same way, no effort done within the integrated emergency medical system would be effective without its cooperation with units, by which the patient is to be eventually treated.

Our part in this rescue chain, however important, is still but one of its many links. This is why we have invited outstanding specialists, both from Poland and abroad, to our Conference. They are professionals and practitioners, who represent specialist units of various kinds.

We wish to cover topics of our interest during an interdisciplinary discussion. We hope for this form of training to bring the greatest profit for our patients, as well as satisfaction and feeling of job well done for us.

Program of our Conference includes series of lectures, workshops, and simulation sessions. Each year our meeting is attended by 250 nurses, paramedics and doctors from around Poland. We believe, that the number of participants will not drop this year.

Conference is going to take place in beautiful Czarny Potok**** (Black Creak****) Resort & Spa Hotel in Krynica Zdrój health-resort, Poland. We hope that the place we chose without coincidence will meet everyone’s expectations and enable to take relaxing rest after intellectual exhaustion.

We are sure, that by organizing yet another international meeting, and covering questions most important to us, we are going to increase the prestige and quality of work provided by EMS nurses.

You can find more information on www.ptpr.org.pl , by choosing the Conference section.

We invite you very kindly